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Our Team Building Experience is unlike any other. Our “Iron Chef” style competitions are ideal for companies who celebrate their employees and seek to inspire collaboration, communication, and camaraderie.

We tailor your program around your convention, meetings, employee recognition programs, rewarding top performers and foster communication within your company. We are a perfect fit in launching your company’s convention or a finale night including a culinary showdown and culinary festival. Our most popular team building programs complement your annual corporate picnic, holiday party, charity event, gala or incentive program. If you are looking for the WOW factor, allow us to add some serious fun with our battle of the chef themed events.

Each event includes an Executive Lead-Chef orchestrating the culinary competition. It’s always a popular option to have two Top Chefs battle it out, with your split group into teams. Event enhancements are limitless, from surprise event reveals, celebrity chef appearances, planning your own culinary and wine festival, to filming your event or creating your own tv reality show. Our empowering “Iron Chef” style competitions are an inspiring, unique and all-engaging experience. Food brings people together and we look forward to sharing our culinary community experience with you.

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About Team Building

Our San Diego, Houston and Phoenix-Scottsdale-based programs are designed to fit groups of 50 – 1000+ attendees. For a minimum fee are happy to accommodate groups less than 50 people. Our event team and chefs travel nationally for groups of 200 attendees and more.

Our culinary team is comprised of celebrity chefs, local renowned restaurant and resort executive chefs, culinary instructors, and we recruit top talent from our local culinary institutes. Each event has a Chef on site to oversee the competition, with sous chefs, and team event coordinators. The judging panel can combine our chefs, the CEO or VP of your company, guest culinarians, master brewers, master distillers and city officials.

We are a destination based culinary group allowing flexibility to set up anywhere!

We take pride in being a destination-based team building company, always fitting your venue needs. Competitions may be coordinated at your convention center, hotel or resort, your local corporate office or business park plaza, special event venues, local winery or craft brewery, private home or ranch, park or beach, waterfront restaurant, rooftop deck, baseball field, stadium, music venue, kart racing tracks or casinos for large events!

Plan an Exciting Event Reveal

Just imagine….and keep this event a total surprise!

Your guests arrive at an undisclosed location to eagerly anticipate a SURPRISE day of team building and adventure. Your group is welcomed by our chef amidst fire and flambé flames. As the lights come up, your master of ceremonies welcomes your group to their Ultimate Culinary Cookoff!

A culinary special events team building experience offers a high-energy and all engaging unique challenge that fosters communication, camaraderie, and celebration.

A race against the clock and to the finish line, we provide a one-of-a-kind experience for your guests.

Planning Your Event

Your team competition will be tailored depending on the venue, guest count and allotted event duration. We produce full-scale events to include a master of ceremonies, lighting, sound, staging, high-energy music, photography and videography packages. The sky is the limit with our Team Building Experiences!

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Team Building Programs

Dessert Competition

Teams compete in this ultra-sweet iron chef throwdown where they must design and plate up a trio of desserts using an assortment of delectable ingredients.

This fabulous dessert team building competition is unique, high-energy and interactive where Pâtisserie teams design their creative desserts using chocolate, cakes, creams, exotic fruits and pastry delicacies from a beautifully staged ingredient buffet or a basket of desserts with a secret ingredient. Chefs may use power tools, torches, spray guns and loads of chocolate for their finishing touches!

Aloha ~ Island Breeze

Aloha!  Teams compete in this Island Fusion competition, combining a trilogy of island culinary small plates or one signature dish using a secret ingredient.

The Island Breeze team building menu incorporates ingredients from the islands of Hawaii, Caribbean and Bahamas.   Our second Island Breeze culinary competition offers our infamous Poke Battle. Teams work together bringing the island spirit, while our leading Chef will encourage teams to put the fire in the poke! Complement your event with a mixology competition where teams must mix, shake and blend signature island cocktails such as a Blue Hawaiian, Mai Tai or Pina Colada.

Craft beer pairings and rum also compliment this team building menu.  Complete your team’s culinary experience with island inspired catering, live entertainment, Hawaiian Luau or Tiki themed reception.

Ultimate Guacamole & Taco Chef Throwdown

Teams will compete in an “Iron-Chef” style competition using ingredients for their Winning Guacamole, Taco Trio, Queso, Salsa or the Chef’s discretion for a secret ingredient competition with a Mexican themed cuisine! Teams are judged on the following: Best Tasting, Best Presentation and Best Overall Teamwork.  Top Chefs and teams will be determined by the Panel of Judges which may consist of the company’s VP, Culinary Special Events Executive Chef, Sous Chef and add the guest distiller, brewer, or tequila distiller. The ultimate teambuilding experience where creativity and effective communication are critical to win!  Celebrate Camaraderie, Communication and Champion Chef Teams with a Mexican themed catered reception and Top Chef Throwdown Awards Ceremony!

Burger Throwdown~ Burgers & Brews

Teams compete in the Ultimate Burger Throwdown!  Teams must develop the perfect ratio of burger to bun using a selection of choice ingredients.  Team must create a trio of burgers using their “scratch” sauces, cheeses and unique toppings while following instructions by the Executive Chef.  Chef judging will decide which team wins by taste, presentation, best overall teamwork and overall personality of the winning burger. Get ready to fire up your team for a high energy and heated race against the clock! Enhance your competition with a craft brew tasting, master brewer, bourbon tasting, or a guest master distiller.

Pasta “Buona Sera” & Sauce Competition

Teams prepare “from scratch” signature pastas and award-winning sauces using fresh herbs, spices, choices of vegetarian flavors and fillings, Italian meats and seasonal vegetables.  An all-engaging experience, Italian chefs for the day will learn about the art of making pasta, proper consistency and flavor all while communicating which team members will oversee the pasta and sauce.  The competition is fierce as teams must work with consistency as they roll, cut and stuff their pasta while other team members are crafting and simmering flavorful sauces.  Let the judging begin!   Winning dishes will be judged on overall taste, presentation and teamwork.  Celebrate the winning teams with a Top Chef or Italian Spatula Award.

Enhance your team’s culinary experience with an Italian or Tuscan themed catered reception, live music and wine tastings during the competition and awards reception.

BBQ Fire and Smoke

* The Ultimate Culinary Special Event & Team Building Competition

Teams must create their grand champion BBQ sauces, strategizing the perfect blend, how much and how intense!  When the final sauces are finished, it’s judgment time!  Event location, event duration and half day-full day availability groups may choose from a BBQ Sauce & Pit-Master Competition. 

Complementing your BBQ Fire and Smoke Competition with bourbon flights, craft beer, Master Bourbon Distiller or Master Brewer always adds more history and flavor to this competition.


We work with corporate meeting and event planners, destination management companies (DMCs), human resources managers and private event planners to create a one-of-a-kind experience for clients. We welcome the opportunity to work with you through the San Diego Convention & Visitors Bureau, Greater Houston Convention & Visitors Bureau, Visit the Woodlands Texas Convention and Visitors Bureau (Woodlands CVB), Greater Phoenix Convention and Visitors Bureau (PHX CVB), and Scottsdale Convention & Visitors Bureau (CVB). We also proudly work with planners from the National Association of Catering & Events (NACE), Meeting Professionals International (MPI), Wedding and Event Planners, Gas & Oil Admins International (OGA), Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) and Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International (HSMAI).

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